$47,500 Capital Required

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8 Great Reasons to Take a Close Look at CleanPro:


  1. Superior Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning System that dries in about an hour and leaves absolutely no residue and provides results that are unbeatable.
  2. Utilizes a one of a kind technology called an Ion Exchange, and a carpet cleaning system that has never been duplicated.
  3. Cleanpro is fully endorsed by Best Western Hotels International, The UPS Stores and received highest compliments from the Wall Street Journal in an undercover story.
  4. Cleanpro has a $50,000 challenge to all competitors! No competitor has ever been willing to go head-to-head with Cleanpro. Simply because the don't have confidence in themselves.
  5. Under $50,000 investment, work from home - low overhead.
  6. Business can be a good fit for owner operator or "executive model" for clients that want to scale the business up by doing business to business.
  7. Strong validation for either model with over 70 licensees currently in the system.
  8. This is a very straightforward business and no sales or business experience is required. Cleanpro trains in all aspects of the business and provides ongoing support for the life of the business.



The Cleanpro Family


At Cleanpro we take pride in helping every one of our Cleanpro professionals from all over the United States to help achieve their goals. We provide exclusive ongoing support, training and business services so you can have the confidence you are not alone with your small business. Here at Cleanpro, you're family!

Cleanpro is a very unique business in that it is a carpet cleaning business that is 'eco-friendly', utilizes a scientific process that cleans carpets in a way that no one has been able to duplicate. Our process works with one of a kind technology called an Ion Exchange process. It dries in about 1-2 hours, leaves absolutely no residue, and best of all, carpets last 2-3 times longer when using our process. The results are undisputedly the most amazing results in the industry.



About Cleanpro


The Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System was developed by Kevin Owsley to overcome the all too familiar problems associated with steam cleaning (hot water extraction). From inception in the late 1980's to the final refined formula in the mid 1990's, Cleanpro has continued to impress customers locally with our unique method of carpet cleaning. We began to expand in June of 1996 and are proud that our Carpet Cleaning System has provided many people with the opportunity and cutting edge needed to get an advantage in the carpet cleaning industry.

We have been experiencing tremendous growth in the use of our system across the United States. For over 10 years, CleanPro has been endorsed by Best Western, the largest hotel chain in the world.

The science and technology that Cleanpro incorporates into our specially formulated citrus-based organic cleaning solution provides the end customer with an outstanding carpet cleaning job virtually every time, especially when the carpet gets really dirty. The Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System was designed to clean the dirtiest of carpets safely, effectively and quickly, while still using a low moisture process.




Cleanpro has been praised by The Wall Street Journal.




Franchisee Testimonial


"As you know, I left a lucrative corporate career of 9 years to start my own business. I went through every emotion possible while making my decision. At times I felt like I had jumped out of an airplane with no parachute. Now I realize that Cleanpro and the Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System were, and are my parachute, back up chute and a balloon to help me rise to the top.

The results achieved with the use of the Cleanpro products are amazing. Everyone has been impressed with how clean their carpets look and feel. Customers have been eager to provide referrals. It won't be long before I need to add another van.

I researched many carpet cleaning companies, and I am confident I have chosen the best. Thank you for providing me with every tool I need for Tidewater Cleanpro to grow, while making my customers happy."

- Rick Smaltz, Tidewater, Virginia


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