$100,000 Capital Required

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In the new post-PC era, our ever-connected society has grown reliant on/obsessed with the use of their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc). We need these tools to work and panic when mobility is interrupted. With a focus on enhancing and sustaining the increasingly important connected lifestyle and our reliance on mobile devices required for work or play, Staymobile provides: 1) repair services needed when these lifestyle tools are damaged; 2) accessories designed to enhance the functionality and utility of each device; and 3) protection plans for consumers and businesses intended to cover devices, data and identity.



Franchise Opportunities


The Staymobile franchise opportunity represents an exceptional offering in the emerging mobility lifestyle support services business category. For an initial financial commitment of $35,000 for a single location, selected franchisees are granted the rights necessary to develop a Staymobile location in an exclusive territory. Staymobile franchisees must successfully complete an extensive, multi-week training program prior to commencing operation of a franchised Staymobile location. With access to established preferred relationships with strategic business partners and vendors, coupled with ongoing franchise support, Staymobile franchisees are equipped to handle the operational requirements and reap the rewards of an exciting and important service business.



Staymobile Brand


We are a brand and company totally dedicated to the premise that we become successful as we help our franchisees achieve their personal goals. If we help you achieve your personal goals you will be helping us achieve our goals to build a national brand dedicated to enhancing and sustaining the mobile lifestyle.





We realize that becoming a Staymobile Franchisee is a considerable investment. However, yet another advantage to joining our franchise system versus being on your own is the fact that you know your investment level right up front – no hidden costs. How many business ventures can make a claim like that?


Single Unit Investment:?$98,000 — $164,000
Single Unit Franchise Fee: $35,000


Multi-Unit Investment:? We are very interested in Multi-Unit Franchisees/market development and welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further.


Ideal Candidate


What we’re looking for in a franchise candidate:

  • Strong people management skills
  • Networking ability
  • Marketing experience
  • Operational expertise
  • Passion
  • Enough money to finance both start-up and the early months of operation
  • Willingness to follow a franchise system



  • Please keep me up to date on the latest franchise opportunities via email

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