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$30,000 Capital Required

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Align with the Category Leader


You’ve made the decision to seek out a new business opportunity. Perhaps it’s simply because you are tired of trading time for money. Perhaps your existing job or business is not providing you the income or wealth generation that you desire. You may simply be seeking an opportunity that provides you the time and income to pursue your life to the fullest. If any of these examples sounds like you, then it’s time you considered a franchise opportunity with The Glass Guru.


A Winning Concept


The Glass Guru is the world leader in glass restoration, repair,
and replacement. Our cutting-edge window restoration services, provides property owners with an environmentally-friendly way to restore foggy windows, at about half the cost of traditional replacement. In addition to restoration services, our franchise locations offer and extensive array of replacement glass products, as well as window and entry door replacements. The Glass Guru provides franchise owners with a winning concept, allowing us to become the fastest growing company in the glass, window, and door industry.


A Recession-Proof Business Model That Works for You


Since 2007, The Glass Guru has grown to over 87 franchises in North America. One of the attributes of the company’s rapid growth has been the consistency of the real estate "maintenance" spending. From 2001 through 2011, home improvement activity continued to weaken, while maintenance spending remained steady, even seeing an uptick in 2007*. Our franchisees have quickly realized that even when the economy softens, property owners will still expeditiously replace glass when it’s required. Every home has windows, doors, screens, mirrors and shower enclosures. As these critical home components age, fail, and break over time, every homeowner needs to have someone to call.


Couple those consistent spending levels in real-estate maintenance with the bright outlook forecast for the home-improvement front over the next several years, and you have
a formula for success. Demand for windows and doors in the
U.S. are forecast to rise 9.3% per year over the next several years.**


*JCHS tabulations of the 2001-11 American Housing Surveys (AHS); US Department of Commerce Survey of Expenditures for Residential Improvement and Repairs (C-50); and Abbe Will, Estimating National Levels of Home Improvements and Repair Spending by Rental Property Owners, JCHS research note N10-2, October 2010.
** 2012 study from The Freedonia Group - http://www.freedoniagroup.com/




At The Glass Guru, we know our franchise concept is one of the best around... Why take our word for it? From the company’s inception, The Glass Guru has been the recipient of great praise from industry leaders and trade organizations.


Entrepreneur Magazine:

  • Franchise 500 - #244 (2014) - Best in Category
    #262 (2013), #273 (2012), #400 (2011), #482 (2009)
  • Top Low-Cost Franchises - #45 (2014)
    #39 (2013), #50 (2102), #90 (2011)
  • Top Home-Based Franchises - #69 (2014)
    #68 (2013), #82 (2012)
  • Americas Top Global Franchises - #127 (2014)
    #193 (2013)
  • Top New Franchises - #12 (2012)
    #34 (2011)


Franchise Business Review

  • Franchise Satisfaction Award (2014, 2013, 2012)
  • Top Low-Cost Franchises (2014, 2013)


Remodeling Magazine

  • Remodeling 550 - Top Remodeling Franchise 2014, 2013, 2012


Sacramento Business Journal

  • #29 Fastest Growing Company in Greater Sacramento area (2012 #34)



The Value of Becoming a Franchisee with The Glass Guru


The Glass Guru offers our franchisees a unique "business in a box" concept that requires NO INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE. Some of the clear advantages of becoming a franchise owner with The Glass Guru are:

  • Start with What Your Have - Franchise fees start at just $15,000. Initial capital required ranges from $30,000 to $130,000, depending on the territory population.
  • Start from Home - Our franchise owners have the flexibility to start their franchise business from home, minimizing operating costs for the first year.
  • Diverse Product Offering - From our unique restoration process for dual-pane windows, to glass repair, glass replacement, new entry doors and windows, rescreening, custom pet doors, and more... The Glass Guru franchisees have the opportunity to transition into offering these products and services when it makes sense for them to do so in their respective markets.
  • World-Class Support - From the onset, our franchise support team works closely with each new franchise owner through the transition to business ownership. Franchisees can take advantage of qualified subject-matter experts in sales, marketing, operations, installation, and more...
  • Unlimited Growth Opportunity -Conceivably, every household, commercial property, and institution has glass present in its structure. Even in tough economic times, property owners will continue to spend money on replacing glass as it becomes necessary to do so. With that kind of demand, each franchise owner can effectively market to home owners, property managers, real-estate professionals, contractors, and more, conceivably allowing for an unlimited growth potential for their business.


The Details


Franchise Fee: $15,000 - $65,000

Minimum Capital: Initial capital required ranges from $30k to $130k, depending on the territory population.

SBA:  Approved

Financing: In-House & 3rd Part

Veterans: 10% Off Initial Franchise Fee for Veterans



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